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Our Company

Our company focuses its services primarily to the Oil and Industry, in various activities of Maintenance, Operations, Services and Works Execution Multidisciplinary Projects.

Similarly we offer our experience in the implementation of engineering projects with the first generation technology tools, used for these purposes, and it can make commitments in the area of Supply and Administration Female Force, both as professionals and technical staff and Workers Skilled artisans in the industry to carry out their activities, including also the tools and equipment required by the industry to form crews for Implementation in different areas.

Within our service, we maintain a constant handling appropriate interconnectivity between disciplines, areas and subsystems, which are interrelated processes, (read maintenance, engineering, implementation and design), allowing a concept of a global deal that is in constructibility without benefit of a physical interference in the various components of the disciplines involved. Finally we put at your disposal 24 hours a day all our highly qualified professional team with expertise and experience in the execution of works and major projects, with full responsibility for security, quality and timely delivery of its commitments.

With Counet, C.A. We have taken shape as ambitious aspiration is to put our experience to serve the areas of engineering, consulting, procurement, construction and maintenance projects Petroleum Industry, carried out in different firms who work in the Eastern Region.